About me

William R. Keen has 8 years of experience in the audio industry, and is an enthusiast for all things audio. He has worked on projects ranging from live sound reinforcement to studio recording and post-production. His passion for audio shines through in his work, and he always puts the client first.

William’s attention to detail and dedication to quality have won him respect in the industry, and he is often called upon for consultation on complex projects. Clients appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done right, and his team-oriented approach ensures that everyone involved in a project works together seamlessly.

Right Stereo Purpose

Rightstereo brings you the best products available on the web with the unbiased reviews by the experts after extensive testing to help you make smart purchasing decisions.

Rightstereo is the ultimate source of information for anyone passionate about cars and technology. We provide in-depth reviews of the latest stereo equipment and gadgets, as well as updates on the latest news and trends in the automotive world.

Our goal is to help car lovers make informed decisions about their next purchase, and give them a better understanding of how new technologies are changing the automotive landscape. We’re committed to providing our readers with clear, concise information that helps them get the most out of their driving experience.