How To Remove JVC Car Stereo With Keys And Without Keys?

We’ve prepared this guide on how to remove JVC car stereo with keys and without keys. So without wasting much time, let’s get to learn all the juicy deets!

There are two ways to remove a JVC car stereo – with the keys or without the keys. If you have the keys, it’s a relatively easy process. Simply unlock the stereo and pull it out. 

If you don’t have the keys, it’s still possible to remove the stereo, but it will require a little more work. In this blog post, we will show you both methods so that you can choose which one is best for you!

JVC is a Japanese company that manufactures electronic equipment for home and car use. Among their long list of products, they have been developing high-quality car stereos for so long. 

Their mission has always been to create the highest quality sound systems available, which is why their line of in-car entertainment options has earned them a devoted following worldwide. 

It’s also one of the biggest reasons why we stock JVC stereo units at our Canadian electronics store! We carry a large selection of both new and aftermarket JVC head units that are sure to fit into almost any budget or vehicle application. If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s audio system, look no further than JVC!

Steps To Follow: How To Remove JVC Car Stereo With Keys And Without Keys

How To Remove JVC Car Stereo With The Keys

How To Remove JVC Car Stereo With Keys And Without Keys
  • Slide the unit out of the dash. This is an easy step, just pull it straight forward until you can grab it by its sides. There are little tabs at the bottom of the unit so don’t pull it out too far or you could break them! 

If you have any trouble removing it this way, try pulling up on the sides instead since they will be easier to grip than there is no gap between them and the dash.

  • Press down on each side of our faceplate release buttons which are located directly next to where your cord plugs into your stereo (see image above). Keep in mind that some stereos may require you to use one hand to pull up on one side of the faceplate release button and to use your other hand to press down on the other side. This will depend on how old or new your stereo is.
  • Once you have pressed down both sides, the faceplate should pop right off. If it does not come off easily, check all along the sides for any tabs that may be locking it in place. You can pry them open using a flathead screwdriver if necessary, but make sure they go back into place when done! 

Many stereos also have a cable running from under where you insert your faceplate release buttons to the inside of the box which may cause problems with removal if it comes loose while pulling out your unit. Make sure that the cable is properly inserted!

  • Push the plastic ring around your stereo faceplate to one side so that it cannot keep the stereo locked in place. If you have an older model, there will be screw holes on either side of your unit at this point. 

You can use these to tie your faceplate down using a zip-tie. This will allow you to remove your head unit without having to hold onto its faceplate while removing it from the dash if for some reason you do not want to use our method above.

  • Once all that is done, grab both sides of our head unit and pull up until it’s free from the car’s dash. Simply disconnect any wires necessary and then gently set them aside!

How To Remove JVC Car Stereo Without The Keys

  • Open your car door and go to the back of your dash where you should be able to see a square metal plate that holds down your stereo. This is usually either held on with screws or bolts, or it may have clips that grab onto two mounting holes located under your unit. 

Whatever it uses, you will need to take those out before prying off this square plate! If there are bolts, use a socket wrench and head to your nearest automotive store if you do not own one. If there are clips, use a flathead screwdriver and try pushing them up at an angle so you can pull out the plates they hold in place.

  • After removing any hardware currently holding down your stereo, grab a flathead screwdriver and wedge it between your dash and the top of the stereo unit. Move it all around to find any hidden clips that are holding it down. You will then need to pull up on these tabs with your flat head screwdriver so you can pry off this metal plate! 

If for some reason this does not work out well for you, try pushing up on one side of the faceplate release button with one hand, while using another hand or an index finger to pull up on the tab holding down your JVC car stereo by wedging a flat head screwdriver underneath.

  • After removing all hardware from both sides of your head unit (if applicable), grab both sides and lift straight up. The head unit should pop up if it is free from the dash. 

If there are any wires still attached, you can disconnect them by pressing their release buttons located on either side of the stereo housing. Once all necessary wires are disconnected, gently set your JVC car stereo aside!

JVC Car Stereo: 12 Features You’ll Love

How To Remove JVC Car Stereo With Keys And Without Keys

If you’re in the market for a new car stereo, JVC car stereos are a great option. They offer a wide range of products that are sure to please even the most discerning audiophiles. We will take a look at 10 features that you’ll love about JVC car stereos! Continue reading to see our top 10 favorite features.

1. Built-in Bluetooth

JVC’s built-in Bluetooth allows you to listen to your music on virtually any mobile phone or device. This feature is perfect for those of us that switch device often; no need to worry about having an aux cord with you at all times!

If the device doesn’t support A2DP audio streaming, simply pair the devices wirelessly via Bluetooth and use it as an external speaker instead. With built-in control for most popular mobile phones, you’ll be able to play/pause your music and pick up calls without ever touching the phone itself!

2. USB/SD Playback

For those of us that have a plethora of music files on our computers and smartphones, USB and SD playback features are a must! Plugin the USB drive or the memory card from your MP3 player or smartphone to store and playback all of your favorite songs.

You’ll love being able to keep every song you own accessible without having to load them onto an external flash drive because now it’s just as easy as plugging in your smartphone!

3. High Power Output

JVC car stereos offer multiple power levels for ultimate customization. The unit can be set to at 4×60 watts for on-the-road performance, 4×40 watts for everyday listening, or 2×30 watts on the low end. If you’re looking to add a powerful amplifier and don’t want to sacrifice audio quality, this is perfect!

4. Aux Input

For all of us that still own an older smartphone or mp3 player with no Bluetooth capabilities, we’ve got you covered! Many of JVC’s models include an aux input so that you can wirelessly listen to your music with any device that has a headphone jack.

5. High Voltage Pre-outs

If you plan on adding amps or a subwoofer to your system, you’ll love the high voltage pre-outs that all JVC car stereos have to offer! High Voltage pre-outs deliver power directly from the receiver to a full range of speakers and amps. If you’re looking for a clean installation with no loss of sound quality compared to a standard 3-wire setup, this is the perfect feature for you!

6. Advanced Sound Retriever

For those of us who own old CDs or burned music files, Advanced Sound Retriever can breathe new life into your old tracks by restoring them to their original quality. This innovative technology enhances compressed audio files through psychoacoustics and automatically corrects some common sound problems to make your music sound like it did when it was recorded.

7. Auto EQ/Auto Time Alignment

Bass can often sound bloated and muddy, mids can be overpowering, and treble can pierce uncomfortably. If this happens then you’ll love the Auto EQ & Auto Time Alignment that JVC car stereos offer!

This revolutionary technology gives you perfect tonal balance with simple controls for both time alignment and manual equalization. Not only will your audio quality improve but now you’ll also be able to properly adjust your speakers so they all blend seamlessly together instead of being out of phase or playing different notes.

8. Amplifier turn-on options

JVC’s line of car stereos features a ton of useful options that must be mentioned! You can configure the unit to turn off or stay on whenever the car is turned off. If you’ve got an amplifier make sure it turns off when you cut your car off otherwise it may drain the battery of your car stereo and potentially damage itself.

Additionally, if your amp has a remote wire make sure to connect it to either red or yellow RCA pre-outs so that it turns on with the receiver. The last thing you want is for an amplifier to be constantly powering up while you’re driving around wasting gas!

9. Built-in Crossovers

If you’re looking to add an amp or subwoofer then this feature is perfect for you. The built-in low pass and high pass crossovers allow you to control the frequencies that are sent directly to your speakers and those that are redirected through your amplifier. This gives you much more control over your sound system from a single device which not only reduces installation time but also enhances sound quality!

10. Dual Zone Audio

JVC car stereos have dual-zone audio functions that allow the music from the front speakers to play at lower volume levels while users listen to incoming calls on their smartphone or listen to music from their smartphone. It’s great being able to crank up the tunes but sometimes we need to be able to hear incoming calls and JVC has made it easy!

11. Easy EQ

This awesome feature gives you preset equalization settings for the most popular types of music. Now you can switch between your favorite radio station presets without having to adjust your tone settings! The best part is that these are all programmed into the receiver itself so they’re universal across all sources.

12. Built-in Amplifier Turn On/Off Options

One of the best features of JVC car stereos is the built-in amplifier. This allows you to have much better sound quality than if you were to use an aftermarket amplifier. Additionally, you can choose to turn the amplifier on or off, depending on your preference. This is a great feature for those who want to save battery life or for those who want to customize their sound.


So, there you have it. Whether you’re dealing with a JVC car stereo that has lost its keys or one that never had any to begin with, we’ve got you covered. Just be sure to follow the instructions closely and exercise caution when prying off the faceplate – you don’t want to damage your unit in the process!

This blog post has shown you how to remove JVC car stereo with keys and without the keys. You now have this knowledge at your disposal, so that if someone breaks into your vehicle, they won’t be able to steal the expensive items inside. 

Take some time today to see which method is more suitable for your situation before it becomes a problem! Thanks for reading! 

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