How To Set Clock On Alpine Car Stereo In 2023 – Simple Guide

It can be frustrating when you buy a new car stereo, only to find that the clock is not set. This can be especially true if you are used to having a clock in your car. In this article, we will read how to set clock on Alpine Car Stereo.

If you’re like most drivers, you rely on your car’s stereo to keep you entertained and informed while you’re on the road. But what happens when your stereo’s clock starts ticking off the minutes wrong? It can be really frustrating when you’re trying to stay on schedule. Luckily, it’s easy to reset the clock on your Alpine car stereo.

We will show you how to set the clock on your Alpine car stereo. This high-end car stereo system comes with all of the features that you would expect, including an AM/FM tuner, CD player, and auxiliary input. 

How to Set Clock On Alpine Car Stereo

If you’re like most drivers, you probably use your car’s stereo to keep time while you’re on the road. It can be tricky to set the clock on your Alpine car stereo, but with this easy guide, you’ll be able to do it in no time!

1) Turn on the car stereo and choose the “clock” function. This can usually be found in a menu under settings or options. Some models may require you to press “source” before selecting clock. If the instructions given in your owner’s manual do not match those given here, refer to the owner’s manual.

2) Select an option such as “auto-set”. This is usually found under advanced settings or preferences. You will now see a brief countdown on your display. At the end of this countdown, your clock will begin to update itself with the time received from a satellite.

3) Your new clock can be set by pressing and holding the display for several seconds. This will bring up the clock adjustment menu. If you want to adjust hours, press hour; for minutes, press minute. 

Adjust each item in your clock by pressing “source” or any other option on your stereo faceplate when it is highlighted or selected (the background color of the screen will change). 

Once you have made the adjustments that you desire, press “repeat” if necessary to save these settings. 

Note: These buttons may not appear exactly as shown in this guide depending on your model of stereo and firmware version. Consult your owner’s manual if needed

4) You should now have a full set clock. If this is not the case, try repeating steps 2 and 3 until you have a properly set clock.

Make Sure The Clock Stays Set

How To Set Clock On Alpine Car Stereo

1) Your car battery must be plugged in for your stereo to receive the proper time from GPS satellites, so be sure that your car is always plugged in when it is running. This will ensure that your clock stays accurate.

2) Try pressing “source” or any other button on your faceplate when selecting items to make selections quickly and accurately instead of using the arrows at the bottom of these stereos. If you select too long with the arrow buttons, it can cause errors with setting clocks and adjusting volume levels. Also, remember to press “repeat” if necessary to save these settings.

3) You should also ensure that your clock is updated automatically when you turn on the car stereo. Consult your owner’s manual to see how this can be done properly for your specific model of stereo and firmware version.

4) If none of these methods work, try unplugging your battery or disconnecting power from your car for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. This will clear any errors that may have occurred with your stereo’s power supply system and allow it to receive GPS time again.

5) If none of this works and you still cannot set (or keep set) the clock on your Alpine car stereo, recommend contacting Alpine directly via email or phone.

Alpine Car Stereo 

This stereo offers the superior sound quality, as well as a built-in clock that is easy to see and use. We highly recommend this stereo for anyone who wants the best possible driving experience.

It’s Benefits:

This stereo can be easily installed in any car using either the front or rear deck to position the monitor. Also, you have your choice of five colors, including blue, white, black, silver, and red so you can find one that matches your style. You also have an option between a digital time display screen and a standard clock format.

Another key benefit is how easy it is to use all of its advanced features. All you have to do is flip down the face to reveal the control panel for radio access presets along with two USB ports that allow for direct connection to iPods and smartphones. 

The sound quality will impress anyone who loves music when they play their devices through this stereo’s high-powered amplifiers.

It’s Pricing:

As for the price, it’s affordable and well worth the money you spend on such a quality product. The Alpine Car Stereo is without a doubt one of the best decisions we’ve made in our search for an upgraded stereo system.

Even though some people may think it’s pricey, given all its features as well as warranty, we believe it justifies every cent spent to enjoy an upgraded music experience without interruption or interference from outside elements such as road noise or engine vibrations.

More Features:

The Alpine iLX-007 In-Dash Digital Media Receiver is the latest addition to the iPod and iPhone compatible in-car digital media receiver (DMR) that will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs without any hassle through its advanced Bluetooth capabilities. 

This new model offers many exciting features including wireless remote control capability, voice command recognition, built-in HD Radio tuner, Siri Eyes Free compatibility with iPhone 4S or newer iPhone models, as well as a direct connection to USB devices plus support for HD Radio and XM Satellite.

If you need a car stereo that includes the latest technologies, then this is exactly what we recommend for your driving pleasure. The Alpine iLX-007 In-Dash Digital Media Receiver not only looks great in any vehicle but works flawlessly with all iPod models including iPhone 5C, 5S, and original generation iPods plus iPad Air and Mini models.

The installation is both quick and easy, as it only takes a few minutes to connect the necessary cables for power and sound output. You can also adjust the volume from the driver’s seat with its wireless remote control so you don’t even have to take your eyes off of the road while driving. 

All in all, we strongly recommend this car stereo if you want excellent sound quality along with additional features that will make your drive more enjoyable and safer than ever before.

After spending hours trying to find a high-quality replacement car stereo system, we decided on purchasing the Kenwood KDC-BT752HD Head Unit because of its impressive specs as well as affordable price range. We couldn’t be any happier with our decision because this unit offers all the features we were looking for, including a built-in HD radio tuner, powerful amplifier, and quick charge capability.

Types Of Alpine Car Stereo Products

How To Set Clock On Alpine Car Stereo

If you’re looking for a great car stereo, Alpine is a brand you should definitely consider. They make some of the best products in the industry, and there are five different types of Alpine car stereos you need to know about. 

In this section, we will discuss each type and tell you what to look for when choosing one. We’ll also give you our top picks for each category! 

Alpine Car Stereo Receivers

There are two types of Alpine car stereo receivers: CD receivers and digital media receivers. The main difference between the two is that the CD receiver will play CDs, while the digital media receiver supports a USB drive or an iPod/iPhone (using the iDatalink Maestro interface). 

You can choose either one; they both offer good features. But if you want to use an Android phone with your Alpine stereo, make sure it’s a digital media receiver model! We will talk about this more later on. Here are our top picks for each category:

1)  ALPINE INA-W910  – Best Overall Receiver

2) ALPINE IDA-X001 – Most Powerful Receiver

3) ALPINE CDE-HD149BT – Best Single DIN Receiver 

4) ALPINE CDA-9886R – Bluetooth Ready CD Receiver 

5) ALPINE CDE-HD137BT – Most Affordable Single DIN Digital Media Receiver

Alpine Car Stereo Amplifiers

Alpine is a company that focuses on car audio components, and this mantra shows in their amplifiers, too. All of them are designed to produce big power at an affordable price. If you want to add more speakers or subwoofers, Alpine amps will help you make it happen! Here are our top picks:

1) ALPINE PDX-5 – High-End Class D Mono Amplifier )

2) ALPINE PDX-F6 – High-End Gold Series Class D Mono Amplifier

3) ALPINE PDR-V75 – Entry Level Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier

4) ALPINE MRP-M450 – High-End Gold Series MOSFET Mono Amp

5) ALPINE PDX-B6 – Compact Size, Big Sound!

Alpine Car Stereo Speakers

Alpine makes a full range of speakers from budget models to high-end performance components. If you’re just replacing the factory-installed speakers, we recommend going one of their better models that will get your music to sound great! If you also want to replace your 6x9s (or tweeters, more on that later), here are the top picks for each category:

1) ALPINE SPR-69 – High-End Shallow 6×9 Speakers 

2) ALPINE SPR-60C – Great Mid-Range 6×9 Coaxial Speaker

3) ALPINE Type-S SPS-610C – Good Budget 6×9 Coaxial Speaker

4) ALPINE Type-S SPS-690C – More Power, Less Cone Area!

Alpine Car Subwoofers

In the Alpine line of subwoofers, you’ll find a wide selection of component and powered subs. There are even combos that include the amps! The powered subs have built-in amps, so all you need to do is connect your speaker wires. That makes Alpine’s subwoofer line very flexible and easy to install (you may need help from an expert).

1) ALPINE SWR-1242D – High-End 12″ Front Stage Subwoofer ($$$$$)

2) ALPINE PDR-V75 – Small Single 10″ Subwoofer Amplifier ($$) 4)($$$)

FAQs: How To Set Clock On Alpine Car Stereo

Before we wrap up this blog post, there are some questions that need to be addressed about Alpine stereos in general. We have done our best to compile them into a single section below. 

It’s important that you read this part because these questions come up often! If your question is not answered here, then feel free to ask us in the comments section at the bottom of this page!

Q: Should I Upgrade My Current Speakers Or Do New Ones?

A: It depends on your budget and what kind of music you like to listen to. If your goals are just to replace the factory speakers, then yes it’s okay for you not to upgrade them. 
But if you really love music and want it to sound great, then upgrading would be best! The same thing applies with subwoofers – if you’re happy with yours, then there is no need for an upgrade. Otherwise, go ahead and read our recommendations above!

Q: Can I Install This Myself?

A: Yes! Most of our recommendations are easier to install than factory models because most require no cutting or splicing. Also note that if something goes wrong during installation, contact us and we’ll help you fix it!

Q: Is There Anyway I Can Get Better Sound Quality With My Current Budget?

A: It really depends on two things – what kind of music you listen to and how loud you keep your music volume.


If you are looking for a quality car stereo system, Alpine is a great option. Not only do they have a wide variety of products to choose from, but their systems are also very user-friendly. In this article, we walked you through the process of setting the clock on an Alpine car stereo.

So there you have it, folks. Your step-by-step guide on how to set clock on Alpine car stereo. We hope this article was helpful and that you are now able to properly set your clock on your Alpine car stereo. As always, thanks for reading, and happy driving!

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