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​​​​​​​​​​​​For the majority, the JVC KW V830BT review? Is a high-end stereo unit that will provide a luxury stereo experience. Most will not need features more.

Every few years, JVC has used its semi-professional line of specialties to show off evolutionary leaps in audio/visual technology. The two most recent examples were the introduction of the D-ILA Front Projection and the GY-HD100 video camera. For 2005, JVC has chosen to highlight their K2 Technology with an interesting product that mixes old-school analog technology into the digital age.

The JVC KW-V830BT is a medium format, high-quality carousel CD changer that also includes an AM/FM tuner. The CD player is multi-format, able to play MP3/WMA files burned onto regular CDs as well as CDs containing WAV files.

It has 35 watts per channel output with bass and treble controls for each of its three source formats (CD, Tuner, and Auxiliary) There are two microphone inputs – one wired remote with its own volume control, the other wireless remote ready.

As interesting as the K2 technology may be, the real meat here is in this unit’s core functionality…it can be connected directly to you via USB or Firewire connection, giving you full access to its MP3/WMA CD playback functionality, and the ability to control it through your computer.

Since this is a CD changer, it can contain up to 6 discs in its carousel at any one time. Switching between CDs is done via various means; either by using the wired remote switch (wired for “Pause”), by having the unit automatically scan for silence on the fly when in shuffle mode, or by letting your computer system handle that function when connected.

For those with large libraries of music files, this unit’s USB port allows multiple discs worth of songs to be loaded onto it – with uncompressed data transfer rates topping out at about 320kb/sec (about 50Mb per minute), it’s unlikely that this system will run out of hard drive space while connected to it.

The KW-V830BT is practically a standard carousel CD player unless you count the USB port on the rear panel. It has all the normal playback capabilities – programmable random/shuffle play, repeat play (one or all discs), individual track access by number, song search by time or alphabetically, and direct 15-digit programming of up to 99 tracks on each disc.

As an added bonus for those who like to multi-task while driving, there is even a motion picture file that can be played back – but it appears that no such files are included with this unit to save you from any possible accident!

Once again, the main thing here is that this unit handles MP3/WMA files burned onto regular CDs, something no other carousel CD player on the market has the ability to do. The only other units that play MP3s are either high-priced hard-drive-based systems (such as Pioneer’s SC-LX series) or anything with a USB connection.

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JVC KW V830BT Review
The JVC KW-V830BT is a medium format, high-quality carousel CD changer that also includes an AM/FM tuner. The CD player is multi-format, able to play MP3/WMA files burned onto regular CDs as well as CDs containing WAV files. Check On Amazon

Overview [JVC KW V830BT Review]


  • Multi-format playback (CD, CD-R/RW MP3/WMA, Tuner, and Auxiliary).
  • 35 watts per channel output with bass and treble controls for each source format.
  • The USB port allows direct connection to a computer for full functionality of the connected device. This allows you to control the changer through your PC.
  • Wireless remote ready or wired remote input with AUX input.
  • Can be connected directly to the vehicle via USB or Firewire connection (allows control through PC).
  • Carousel holds up to 6 discs at a time (holds more in shuffle mode).
  • It features high quality audio playback, a large LCD panel, and a touch screen interface.
  • This unit has a sleek and modern design that will complement any car interior.


  • D/A Converter: 24-bit
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB (CD) and 80dB (Source)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02% (1 kHz, 40 watts into 4 ohms)
  • Speakers:  4 – 50mm Drive units  3-Way Bass Reflex Speaker System with Tweeter  Power Handling Capability: Peak power 120W @ 10% THD  Continuous RMS power 35W x 4 @ 10% THD  Rated Impedance 4 ohm with protective wire in terminals
  • Dimensions: W=9-3/8″ H=2-1/8″ D=5-11/16″
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 85 dB
  • Wow and Flutter: Below Measureable Limit
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%
  • Digital Converter: 24-bit/192kHz
  • Analog Outputs: 1 Pair (L+R) Pre-Amp Outputs (2V)
JVC KW V830BT Review

Amplifier Specification

  • Power Output: 35 watts/channel RMS into 4 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with no more than 0.5% total harmonic distortion.
  • Speaker Impedance: Minimum 4Ω and maximum 16Ω
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 80dBA (reference: 1 watt into a 4Ω load)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Input Sensitivity (for rated power): 2.5V.

Design and Appearance

The front of this unit features a color TFT LCD display that can show song information for CD playback, or just the time and date while in tuner mode. There are a total of 3 buttons on the left side – these control bass, mid-range, and treble levels when using the Auxiliary input source.

The right side has all other controls – from top to bottom, they control power/volume up/down, cassette eject (in case you have any tapes laying around), USB port selection, “Mode” for changing between shuffle, programmable playlists, random playlists (both programmed and auto scanned), EQ preset selections (Rock 1 & 2; Jazz 1 & 2; Natural 1 & 2), Intro Scan setting (when tuner mode is selected), Auxiliary input selection, and aux in level control.

The back features the antenna connections, rear USB port (for connection to a computer when using WinAmp or any other application where you want full access to your music library), Firewire connection for Apple devices (requires additional cable not included in the package – and it must be an Apple-branded one!), and the usual accessory socket shared by both cassette and auxiliary inputs. The front panel also has a small “hidden” compartment that houses all but 1 of the buttons normally found on the remote unit…

There are two sets of 5V pre-outs available on this unit – one for front speakers, the other for rear speakers. This is useful if you want to add a subwoofer or connect an amplifier for the front and rear speakers separately.

The unit comes with wired remote control, which has all of the same functions as found on the front panel… except for one – “Mode”, which is only available from the front panel. The buttons on this remote are backlit in orange while they are active (for about 4 seconds).

We really like the look of this unit – it’s sleek, modern, and stylized; nothing looks overdone or tacky here. There is no display when playing MP3 discs since there isn’t any information available on these types of discs. However, once you switch to CD mode (or auxiliary input), everything springs to life!

JVC KW V830BT Review


All of the hook-ups are pretty simple, but I’ll go through them anyway.

Antenna – The wire for this feeds into one of two places. If you want to keep the wire hidden inside your dash, feed it under the head unit and up behind it so that it ends up in front of where the stereo will sit. This way, there’s no exposed wiring visible on either side of the dash.

Another option is to leave enough slack in the wire so that it comes out just above where the stereo will mount (you can use a “fish tape” or some other type of fishing line to pull more wire into place if necessary), then run it alongside any existing wiring that goes into place (power antenna, etc.).

Cassette – This is pretty much self-explanatory; the only thing you need to be aware of is making sure to use the right size adaptor (if necessary) so there isn’t any extra slack in your cassette cable. If needed, an adaptor plug can be purchased for less than $1 at most electronic stores.

Auxiliary input – You’ll need a stereo RCA patch cord here, which runs between this jack and your auxiliary device (like a CD changer). Since not all devices have the same output level, you may have to adjust the aux level control on this unit to achieve optimal sound quality.

USB – While this isn’t recommended for iPod® use, it will work fine if you have another type of USB-connected device that can be powered off the car’s electrical system (like a portable hard drive). The iPod® must be powered on for this to work.

Before powering up your unit, there are two settings I recommend making immediately – change the line voltage setting from “111” to “120”, and turn the Auxiliary input source to “Off”. If you don’t make these changes, they will most likely happen automatically when the unit powers up. but it pays to do things manually in some cases.

  • Great looks.
  • Crisp, clear sound.
  • “Mode” can be changed from the unit itself or from the wired remote control included in the package.
  • Presets available for speakers and subwoofer (front and rear).
  • Multi-format playback of CDs, CD-R/RW MP3/WMA, Tuner, and Auxiliary.
  • The USB port allows direct connection to a computer for full functionality of the connected device.
  • 35 watts per channel output with bass and treble controls for each source format.
  • Can be connected directly to the vehicle via USB or Firewire connection (allows control through PC).
  • MP3 disc playback doesn’t display any information on the screen.
  • HVAC “mute” function overrides power to Aux input when turned on not good if you’re using an iPod® as an audio source.
  • No hard drive means limited storage space for large libraries of music files.
  • The motion picture file playback feature is a potential distraction while driving.

FAQs [JVC KW V830BT Review]

I have a demo unit that I received from Crutchfield to review, but the mode button changing the speaker levels doesn’t work. Is this defective?

There is a built-in delay on all of these units – if you want to change any information on the screen (mode, volume, etc), wait for about 4 seconds after making your selection before hitting it again. This will ensure that you get the desired result every time.

Do any of these models come equipped with Bluetooth®?

No, however, there are several similar models in Kenwood’s lineup that do include this feature for between $100 and $200 more than their base model counterparts.

I have a new iPod® that uses the Apple proprietary 30-pin connector, not an older unit with a standard dock connector. Is there any way to connect this using the Aux input jack?

In order for this feature to work (and it will), you’ll need to purchase either an adapter or a docking station that allows audio “out” through the 30-pin connection. Some docks also allow charging of your device while it sits in place. You can try looking on eBay or Amazon; if you search for “30 pins dock audio out” (or something similar) you should be able to find some items like these quickly.


One of the Kenwood eXcelon series features the same blue illumination color as some of its other multimedia units. This is a great value if you’re looking for something that has iPod® control but doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that are included on units that cost twice as much.

If you are in the market for a new car stereo, there is no better time to buy than Black Friday. This is because most electronics stores run big sales this day so that they can get rid of old stock before they bring in the new. I always check what goes on sale at this time of year.

If you are looking for a new head unit, make sure to check out the Pioneer DEH-150MP CD receiver with MP3 playback and direct iPod® control This is one of my favorite units because it has both CD playback and auxiliary input, unlike many other units which only have one or the other. It also features a clean design that makes for easy installation in most vehicles.

In-car audio system reviews, Kenwood excels, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Today we’ll take a look at its latest eXcelon product – a multimedia double-DIN receiver, the KW-V830BT. Is it worth the $250 price tag of the average consumer?

So there you have it! Some more details on Kenwood receivers that are reasonable to purchase. Don’t forget that this brand is one of the best and high-quality speakers available in-stores or online.

If you want a great sound system then read up on all things car audio systems and car stereos. I know you will come out with a much better understanding of what stereo equipment suits your needs.

William R. Keen

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