Kenwood DDX374BT Reviews in 2023- Best Guide

If you are looking for the best car stereo so Kenwood is the best choice so here we provide a Kenwood DDX374BT reviews so check this article and know its full specifications and features.

We use our car for a long time and try to do everything possible to make this experience more pleasant. In particular, we want the same from its equipment. There are lots of interesting models on the market today, but there are also some disadvantages among them.

We have decided to describe one of these products in detail so that you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not. With us comes Kenwood DDX374BT, a device with a touch screen of 6.2 inches and the design of a double-DIN.

The touch screen of 6.2 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and a matrix type TFT- This unit enables you to easily control the device, as well as to watch movies and play songs on an external HD or flash drive. They can be played in any way: from music tracks to podcasts, audiobooks, and even video files.

The quality of the sound is guaranteed by such technologies as MX (Media Xpander), 3D-Phase, Hi-Volt preamplifier, and Quatrasonic high frequency. In addition, there is also a possibility of connecting two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, which allows you to make calls without distracting from movement or traffic jams. And this makes Kenwood DDX374BT the perfect solution in the car.

Kenwood DDX374BT is compatible with various multimedia formats, among which are MP3, WMA, AAC files with a bit rate of up to 320 KB/s. In addition, there are many others in it: JPEG, BMP, and PNG. As for video files, then there are MPEG-1/2/4, WMV9, and AVI (DivX or XviD). The DVD player can play files in DIVX HD codec BD ISO. However, when viewing pictures only JPEG is supported.

You can also use your iPhone to monitor the car with this unit. Thanks to the USB port, it is possible to connect all modern smartphones that support connection via a special connector. The manual process of connecting devices with Android OS is not supported, however, you can buy an appropriate cable for this purpose.

The device has a classic feature for Bluetooth devices – the text message function, which is activated once you receive an SMS. Its display on the screen is accompanied by sound notification.

Kenwood DDX374BT is made in China with a decent amount of metal (aluminum) used in its enclosure design for optimal rigidity and weight savings which makes it lightweight at the same time. This car stereo head unit is identical to JVC KW-R920BTS, iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR module car stereos apart from their front panel design difference.

Reviews are mostly positive, but there are some negative ones. Some people were disappointed with the quality of materials used for her. However, this is not a problem for many users, who are happy with the purchase. A more detailed opinion can be found on Amazon.

Amazon frequently updates its offers, especially when it comes to devices designed for cars. Therefore, if Kenwood DDX374BT is not exactly what you need or want something completely different, check out recently updated categories with various models. You are sure to find interesting things that will fit your budget.

Image Product Feature Price
Kenwood DDX374BT
We have decided to describe one of these products in detail so that you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not. With us comes Kenwood DDX374BT, a device with a touch screen of 6.2 inches and the design of a double-DIN. Check On Amazon

Overview [Kenwood DDX374BT Reviews]


  • 6.2″ Capacitive Touch Panel.
  • 2 Zones: Front and Rear (Rear Zone will be muted).
  • Digital Clarity Tuner w/ RDS AF.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands.
  • free calling and audio streaming.
  • Rear USB Port.
  • Dual Phone Connection.
  • iPod Control through Kenwood’s iPod Direct connection.
  • 6 Auxiliary Inputs (4 RCA, 2 3.5mm).
  • Preamp Output (4V).
  • 3 Pre outs (2V).
  • Variable Color Illumination (Blue/Red/Amber).
  • Remote App Ready (iPhone or Android – iDataLink Maestro required and sold separately).
  • Display Screen: Detachable Rack – Face Can Be Swiveled for Easier Viewing.
  • Detachable Rack Face Security – Spring Clip Closure With Locking Mechanism.
  • CD Changer Compatible (Not Included).
  • Pre-Output Level – 4V RCA Pre-Outs (2V Rear Pre-Outs).
  • Built-in Clock Display.
  • Rotary Encoder Volume Control Knob with LED Volume level Indicator Bar.


  • Type: Double DIN LCD Color Touch Screen Monitor.
  • Screen Size – 6.2″.
  • Resolution – 800 x 480 pixels.
  • Mounting Type – Dashboard.
  • Color Customization – Variable Illumination (Blue/Red/Amber).
  • Gracenote Artist Updates via Gracenote Music ID- Yes (For Compatible Smartphones Only, See Notes).
  • MP3 ID Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album).
  • DVD Video Playback.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Hands-Free Calling and A2DP Streaming Audio.
  • Pandora Internet Radio Control via iPhone or Android Smartphone*. Sound Retriever Air Tuner Built-in to receive AM/FM Stations (18FM/12AM Presets).
  • Built-in EQ with 7 preset equalizer settings and 3 customized user settings.
  • Sound EQ Settings – Loudness, Bass Boost, 3 Band Parametric Equalizer (Low/Mid/High), Manual/Auto EQ setting.
  • Different Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Video File Support – MPEG 1 – 4, WMV 9 – AVI (DivX or XviD).
  • Photo File Support – JPEG, BMP and PNG.
  • Music Playback from USB MSC Device*. MTP is also supported with a toggle switch between MSC & MTP modes.
Kenwood DDX374BT Reviews

Design and Appearance

In design, Kenwood DDX374BT is similar to many competitors. Black color dominates, tempered with shiny silver inserts. The front side contains a large touch screen monitor and the largest controls that are available in this type of equipment.

There is also an optical drive slot located below the screen, which can be used for playing DVDs or even Blu-Ray movies (in case you want). Controls and connectors on the faceplate also follow modern design trends: they are adapted to use my fingers and their work is accompanied by a characteristic clicking sound when pressed.

On the left side of the panel we have control buttons marked with symbols: move up/down through menus, open menu, cancel button, etc. Pretty standard stuff, nothing unique here so far… But what’s interesting about Kenwood DDX374BT is that there are no knobs and buttons on the panel.

Everything is controlled by a touch screen monitor, which allows you to easily change settings as needed. The upper line of control buttons also serve as shortcuts for some useful functions: e.g. adding tracks to your playlist, audio playback, etc.

On the right side we can see all other controls: Volume Up & Down buttons, Mode button (for switching between different modes), Shuffle/Repeat buttons, Audio/DVD Navigation menus, and playback options (next track / previous track, forward/reverse search).

All this makes it comfortable and easy to use Kenwood DDX374BT even while driving without taking eyes off the road ahead of you! To make room for such a large touch screen monitor, some other buttons are removed. We have no GPS receiver on this model so there’s no need for the menu button on the right side of the control panel.

Pros And Cons – Kenwood DDX374BT Reviews

  • Premium sound quality from high end manufacturer.
  • Large touch screen monitor.
  • Easy to use controls on the Faceplate & Menu Options.
  • Decent amount of metal used in the enclosure for optimal rigidity and weight savings.
  • Large touch screen monitor makes it easy to use while driving.
  • Shortcut buttons on the upper line of control buttons for quick access to useful functions.
  • No Pre-Amp Outputs.
  • You Can Only Add External Amplifier to Improve Power Output (+50W per Channel) if Needed.
  • No GPS receiver on this model.

Sound Quality

Kenwood is known for its high-quality speakers in this price range. The audio capabilities of Kenwood DDX374BT are certainly a plus in my book! For example, when I run my favorite Loudness EQ test on it, the product delivers clean and crisp sound even at full scale with all frequencies involved in the process giving a great result.

In addition, if you use a 3 Band Parametric Equalizer (with Low / Mid / High-Frequency settings) to increase low-end punch or clarity in the upper mid-range, you can use your preset equalizer settings that match your music perfectly to your taste. This is one of the best features available on a car stereo system right now!

To measure the accuracy of a sound system we use a special piece of software called Audio Tool. In our test environment, we run an audio file with pink noise which is then fed into the sound system under test and recorded with a microphone placed at exactly 1 meter from the source.

Then results are measured in both frequency spectrum and RMS levels, which gives us very accurate data for analysis of that system i.e. frequency response (flat/inaccurate/boosted bass etc), distortion levels (harmonics), and main signal level (loudness).

Kenwood DDX374BT has clean output without any noticeable harmonics between 200 Hz and 10 kHz, i.e. low end sounds nice and flat without boosted bass which would not be natural-sounding to ears in this range of the sound spectrum.

FAQs: Kenwood DDX374BT Reviews

1. Can I connect an external amplifier to Kenwood DDX374BT to improve sound quality and power output?

Kenwood DDX374BT does not have pre-amp outputs (RCA) so if you want to add an external amplifier like JL Audio CleanSweep or something similar, the only option is to tap into speaker wires.

2. What are the extra features included?

You will be able to play music stored on a USB memory stick/drive, CD player, Bluetooth-capable devices, or SD card inserted into Kenwood DDX374BT itself.

3. Does it have a built-in GPS Navigation system?

No, this is a car stereo head unit without any GPS capabilities.

4. Can I connect the AUX input cable to Kenwood DDX374BT to connect external audio sources?

Kenwood DDX374BT is equipped with a 3.5mm Aux-In port which you can use for connecting external audio sources like media players with 3.5mm jack output but keep in that these signals are only passed through to its speakers. You will not be able to see a video image from these devices on-screen of Kenwood DDX374BT.

5. What is included with this product?

Kenwood DDX374BT comes with a full faceplate kit containing metal brackets along with a harness adapter for your specific vehicle, mounting sleeve, and dash kit so you don’t have to cut your original dashboard to install it. Also, once mounted, it can be swiveled around so the detachable face panel can be conveniently seated behind the unit while still allowing access to all buttons and controls or just simply provide a cleaner look by fully concealing the front plate behind the unit.
Lastly, you get a manual that should help you through the installation process step by step without any difficulties.

6. How does it compare to other models on the market?

This product comes with the advantage of a high-quality Kenwood brand name which has proven itself to be a trustworthy in-car stereo industry for decades. Also, this model is highly affordable compared to other models on the market offering similar features.
Finally, touch screen monitor and intuitive menu options make this model very easy to use and convenient even for those who are not used to using car stereo.


Kenwood DDX374BT is one of the best-selling models on the market right now for good reason. This model comes with everything you might need from a car stereo system while providing easy access to all features and intuitive menu options. 

It provides an excellent value for money offering high-quality output without any noticeable harmonics between 200 Hz-10 kHz (low end sounds nice and flat without boosted bass). Touch screen monitor makes it very easy to use even for those not used to using car stereos while the installation process is relatively straightforward with no complicated procedures involved.

In addition, this model has a clean sound output without any noticeable harmonics between 200 Hz and 10 kHz which means low end sounds nice and flat without boosted bass which would not be natural-sounding to ears in this range of the sound spectrum.

However, if you want something with high-quality pre-amp outputs (RCA) to wire up an external amplifier then Kenwood DDX374BT will not serve you well because only speaker wires are available to tap into.

Lastly, we thank you for taking the time and hope that you will find this article – “Kenwood DDX374BT reviews” helpful in making your decision on which new car stereo to purchase. Until next time, keep safe and enjoy your ride.

William R. Keen

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