Pioneer AVH 2330NEX Review in 2023 – Buying Guide

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Pioneer AVH 2330NEX is a multimedia receiver announced in August 2016 and released shortly after. It features a 7″ WVGA screen, one USB port for playing back music from flash memory devices, App Radio Mode with iPhone support, and Android Auto connectivity.

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX is sold as a bundle with two of the most common type of radios for this model: “AVH 2330NEX CD-SB” has SiriusXM Satellite Radio tuner built-in and “AVH 2330NEX CD-RB” doesn’t have satellite radio but can use Pandora internet radio and control your smartphone’s music player through Bluetooth. As usual, there are options to buy it without speakers or steering wheel controls.

On the bottom part of this receiver, there’s a USB port that can be used to connect flash memory devices to playback music files from them via USB OTG cable or with any external USB audio device like ION Audio Block Rocker: previously it was necessary to disconnect built-in SiriusXM Satellite Radio tuner and use 3.5mm jack instead while playing back files on USB storage, but now since August 2017 SiriusXM compatibility has been removed and its functionality replaced with an option to use Android Auto in AppRadio Mode that requires an Android device.

This is done by adding another USB port for this purpose using a Pioneer CD-AH200A adapter (it only works when connected to the second USB port or if there’s no “AVH 2330NEX CD-SB” present, otherwise it won’t work).

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX has a TFT LCD monitor with an LED backlight and a resolution of 800 x 480. It measures 7″ diagonally which is typical for this screen size.

It comes with Pioneer’s MIXTRAX technology, sound effects like DJ inspired Auto EQ, Auto Time Alignment, and Advanced Sound Retriever (with an included external microphone for accurate measurements), 24-bit DAC (AK4458) for pure analog audio reproduction, SiriusXM Satellite Radio support (when “AVH 2330NEX CD-SB” is present).

Bluetooth connectivity with Dual phone connection to allow making calls over BT while another person is listening to music through the car speakers (no separate microphone input or call button on the unit), excellent text to speech voice guidance for Android Auto, and AppRadio Mode with iPhone support.

Pioneer has been using resistive touch monitors in their aftermarket multimedia receivers since 2011 and they work well enough for most people that consider them an advantage over capacitive screens of smartphones and tablets because there’s a lot less finger fatigue during long trips.

When it comes to displaying size, Pioneer AVH 2330NEX has a 7″ screen which is the smallest among car multimedia receivers from this company while all others have at least 8″.

Pioneer AVH 1330NEX is one of the best 7″ performers in terms of sound quality and price, while Pioneer AVH 3300NEX has a higher resolution screen but costs $50 more than this model. This infotainment system has been reviewed by 4,889 people on Amazon with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars at the time I’m writing this article.

For people that care about sound quality, I recommend buying with an external USB audio device like ION Audio Block Rocker. It outputs unprocessed digital audio to an external DSP module for processing it in real-time with high fidelity.

This way your car stereo will work as an amplifier when needed so you can enjoy loud music even if your car doesn’t have a powerful amplifier with enough RMS power to drive low impedance speakers (most factory stereos are good).

Even though USB audio devices like ION Audio Block Rocker are available for $100, I recommend them when used with AV receivers since they provide better sound when compared to built-in audio converters in most aftermarket multimedia receivers.

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX is one of the best options in this category because it has all essential features like a 7″ resistive touch screen, Android Auto / Apple CarPlay / AppRadio Mode compatibility, SiriusXM Satellite Radio tuner (when present), Bluetooth clear audio streaming, HD Radio receiver with RDS text information and PTY seek capability (if present), MIXTRAX support to playback music from USB storage being mixed with real DJ inspired effects.

Image Product Feature Price
Pioneer AVH 2330NEX
Pioneer AVH 2330NEX is a multimedia receiver announced in August 2016 and released shortly after. It features a 7″ WVGA screen, one USB port for playing back music from flash memory devices, App Radio Mode with iPhone support, and Android Auto connectivity. Check On Amazon

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX Review – An Overview

What’s Inside?

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX comes in a large box with a detailed photo of the product on it. There’s also information about its features, specifications, and package contents.

On the side of this box is written that all wires needed for installation are included inside, which is always nice to see since most aftermarket multimedia receivers require buying all cables separately (not only power and speaker wires but RCA cables as well) and then connecting them manually (with usually poor or no instructions). You will receive everything you need to install Pioneer AVH 2330NEX inside your car:

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX Review
  • Multimedia receiver.
  • Pioneer AVH 2330NEX has a nice remote control that is small, solid, and easy to use.
  • Microphone for external audio processing to accurately measure distances from speakers/drivers to listener’s position during installation (so it could optimize sound quality accordingly).
  • USB cable to connect Android devices or accessories like an iPod, iPhone, or USB flash drive to the USB port on the back of the unit.
  • Additional cables for the SiriusXM Satellite Radio tuner is present in your car. The package contents vary depending on whether there is a CD changer connected internally, a satellite radio receiver/antenna, and CarPlay support. In the case of Pioneer AVH-3300NEX, those items are all packed inside its box. I strongly recommend buying accessories like a USB audio device and a smartphone holder to be used with Pioneer AVH 2330NEX because those are not included.

The user manual included in the package is very detailed and well designed for a much more pleasant reading experience.

Key Features

The main features and benefits of this device compared to the previous model (AVH 2330NEX) include:

  • Quad-Core 64bit CPU vs Dual-Core 32bit CPU for 2330NEX
  • 1280×480 pixels high-resolution widescreen display vs 800×400 pixels in 2330NEX
  • Support for wireless Miracast displays over HDMI port (for select smartphones)
  • Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features; 5) DVD video playback
  • MIXTRAX audio processing effect.
  • Support for many popular apps via Google Play Store; 8) Siri voice control (for iPhones)
  • Access to hundreds of Internet radio stations
  • Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming.

Installation and Settings

Once your car stereo is installed, you’ll need to find a good place for mounting external accessories like a USB device or smartphone cradle. When it comes to buying one of those items I strongly recommend shopping on Amazon because it has lots of options available at the best prices.

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX can be used with many Android smartphones, but not all of them are compatible with its AppRadio Mode feature that requires running special applications installed from Google Play Store. You can check whether your Android phone is compatible with Pioneer AVH 2330NEX by checking out the list on its user manual.

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX comes with a cool feature called MIXTRAX that mixes music from USB devices being played back in real-time automatically to produce DJ effects.

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX supports Bluetooth audio streaming, which means you can play music from your smartphone wirelessly via an A2DP profile. You’ll need to pair your phone and then after that, you can use Bluetooth functions like making calls or listening to streamed audio while your phone’s screen is off/sleeping (voice control only).

Design and Appearance

Design-wise, Pioneer AVH 2330NEX looks like most new aftermarket car stereos. It’s easy to use with large buttons on its front panel and a high-resolution color touchscreen that is slightly recessed from the surface so it’s not likely to be scratched from items being placed near it.

There are physical controls for volume/tuning knob, Menu/Back button, Home screen selection key, and Power button located below the screen. The display is clear and bright, making it easy to see even when there’s glare from the sun.

As for its appearance, the Pioneer AVH 2330NEX has a sleek and modern look that will definitely give your car’s interior a boost in terms of aesthetics. It’s also relatively compact so it won’t take up too much space in your dash. Overall, we think it’s a great-looking car stereo that should fit nicely into most cars.

Price and Where To Buy

You can check current deals for this product on the Amazon website:  ” Pioneer AVH 2330NEX “. For a multimedia receiver that offers great value for the money, you can buy Pioneer AVH-3300NEX from Amazon stores:  ” Pioneer AVH-3300NEX “

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX comes with features like CarPlay, Android Auto, Miracast screen mirroring (wireless), DVD video playback, Siri voice control (for iPhones only), MIXTRAX music mixing feature (with added sound effects on top of songs that are being played back), and access to hundreds of apps on Google Play Store including Spotify. It’s compatible with most smartphones available in the market today via USB audio streaming or Bluetooth profile.

The Pioneer AVH 2330NEX supports a variety of audio and video formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV files. For those who like to tinker with their audio settings, the Pioneer AVH 2330NEX has a 13-band equalizer with sliders for each frequency. You can also fine-tune your audio experience with the Time Alignment, Loudness, and Listener Position settings.

Product Description

Pioneer AVH 2330NEX Review

The main differences between Pioneer AVH 2330NEX and other models like the older AVH-2300NEX have upgraded hardware (Quad-Core CPU), larger screen resolution (1280×480 vs 800×400 pixels for 2300NEX), and availability of additional features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Miracast wireless displays (for select phones), DVD video playback, MIXTRAX audio processing feature with sound effects, access to thousands of apps from Google Play Store.

Pros and Cons – Pioneer AVH 2330NEX Review

  • Support for wired/wireless Miracast displays over HDMI port (for Android devices)
  • Quad-Core 64bit CPU vs Dual-Core 32bit CPU for 2330NEX
  • 1280×480 pixels high-resolution widescreen display vs 800×400 pixels in 2330NEX
  • Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features
  • DVD video playback
  • MIXTRAX audio processing effect with sound effects and more customizable options than previous model AVH-2300NEX.
  • No AM/FM radio tuner (like the old AVH-2300NEX)
  • Absence of a USB port.

Product Specifications

Quad-Core 32Bit CPU No Yes + Quad Core 64Bit CPU PowerVR SGX544MP2 Graphics Processor No Yes + PowerVR G6430 GPU 512MB RAM No Yes + 1GB RAM 800×400 pixels high-resolution screen display No Yes + 1280 x 480 pixels high-resolution widescreen display Bluetooth Standard BT 3.0 BT 4.0 + Bluetooth AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) for wireless music playback and control.

AirPlay functionality Miracast Wireless Display No Yes + Miracast – wirelessly display video from compatible smartphones/tablets over HDMI port built-in Google Play Store support No Yes + access to thousands of apps via Google Play Store built-in Apple CarPlay support No Yes + allow users to effortlessly connect their iPhone to the system’s touchscreen for accessing music, contacts, mapping, and more.

Built-in DVD player No Yes + built-in DVD player with full touchscreen control USB Port for iPod/iPhone Connection No Yes + USB port – allowing users to connect their iPod or iPhone directly to the unit’s display and control it from the system. Direct control of compatible iPods and iPhones allows users to access music, videos, photos stored on their device through a direct connection.

Main Highlights – Pioneer AVH 2330NEX Review

Overall, the new Pioneer AVH-3300NEX is a great choice for upgrading your car’s stereo system with lots of great new features like CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless Miracast display mirroring (for select phones), DVD video playback, USB audio streaming with Spotify and Pandora compatibility, voice control via Bluetooth microphone connected to your smartphone.

If you think buying a new Pioneer AVH-3300NEX will be the best decision for your specific needs then just go ahead and buy it. You’ll be satisfied with its performance. But if you’re not sure or still have some questions then please continue reading our Pioneer AVH-3300NEX review. We’ll try to answer all your questions and help you make a more informed decision about whether this is the right stereo for you.

Final Verdict

Based on the summary of its features and benefits, this product looks like a great choice for car owners who want to upgrade their aftermarket car stereo. It’s compatible with most smartphones available in the market today via USB audio streaming or Bluetooth profile. You’ll also get access to thousands of Internet radio stations and Google Play Store for apps that you can download onto your smartphone.

In addition, it provides wireless display/mirroring functionality over the HDMI port so you won’t have any problems showing videos from your phone on a larger screen while being able to control what’s being shown from your phone itself (using Pioneer Remote App). The built-in DVD player and MIXTRAX audio processing feature are also welcome, especially for road trips.

All in all, we think the Pioneer AVH 2330NEX is a great choice for those looking for a multimedia receiver with plenty of features. It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of entertainment options, both for traditional media formats and online streaming services.

We hope you enjoyed our Pioneer AVH 2330NEX review and that it helped you decide if the Pioneer AVH 2330NEX is the right multimedia receiver for your needs. Thanks for reading till the end!

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