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If you are looking for Pioneer AVH-501EX Review then you are in the right place here we provide the best review of the pioneer AVH-501EX car stereo.

People are always looking for the best when it comes to their car audio systems. If you are one of these people, then this blog post is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a great car stereo, then Pioneer is the brand for you. They have high-quality products, and they’ll last you several years.

We will be looking at an in-car entertainment system that has fantastic video and audio quality. It is the Pioneer AVH-501EX 5 inch Multimedia DVD receiver, and we want to tell you everything about it.

The first thing you should know about this product is that it runs on a 400-watt maximum power amplification, which means that the unit itself can handle bigger speakers than usual (the average multimedia head units can take up to 60 watts).

The biggest speakers you can find for your car are usually 4 ohms; needless to say, if your speakers match these specifications then they will suit perfectly with this Pioneer’s amplification powers.

As far as design goes, this unit features a high-resolution WVGA display and supports 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions. Onboard the device there is a USB port for thumb drives and external hard disks so you can play multimedia content from them directly on your car’s entertainment system. 

The best feature of this product though has to be its iPod connectivity. You don’t need any special cable or connector; all you have to do is plug your Apple device into one of the two available USB ports and play your favorite songs using the controls on the Pioneer AVH-501EX.

It also comes with built-in Bluetooth compatibility which allows users not only to place hands-free calls but they can also stream music from their phone through this unit (just like with an MP3 player).

The integrated microphone offers high-quality voice recognition capability and noise suppression technology to ensure that the person on the other end of your call always hears you loud and clear even if there’s a lot of background noise.

The Pioneer AVH-501EX comes with an MSRP price tag of $650, but keep in mind that you can find it at a lower price from most reputable retailers.

Image Product Feature Price
Pioneer AVH-501EX
We will be looking at an in-car entertainment system that has fantastic video and audio quality. It is the Pioneer AVH-501EX 5 inch Multimedia DVD receiver, and we want to tell you everything about it. Check On Amazon

Pioneer AVH-501EX Review – An Overview


  • Installation: In-Dash
  • Color Customization: 6 Display Colors, 112 Key Illumination Colors
  • MIXTRAX: Yes
  • Built-In Bluetooth for Hands: Free Calling and Audio Streaming
  • Dual USB Ports with 1.5A Charging Capability Each (2.1A Max!)
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 5s & 5c, iOS 7+, All Other iPod Models Except Classic (Not compatible with 30 pin connector).
  • The iPod/iPhone USB works with most iOs 7+ software, including the latest version of iTunes. We recommend that you update to the latest software version before connecting your iPod/iPhone.
  • Physical Dimensions: W=7.9″, H=2.5″, D=6.0″.
  • MRP: $650.

Product Description

The Pioneer AVH 501EX is an awesome device that will blow you away from the moment you get it out of the box! There’s a reason why this particular model has received a lot of positive reviews, and we’re going to tell you why.

First of all, this multimedia receiver runs on a 5-inch WVGA touchscreen with 480 x 800 pixels resolution (that’s 800p for short). This display has great visibility even under direct sunlight no more squinting at your stereo. The screen itself is surrounded by LEDs which indicate the various playback modes (Bluetooth music streaming, DVD video playing, etc).

When it comes to connectivity, there are two USB ports on either side of the device so you can connect all of your USB-compatible devices right away. There is also an AUX-in port on one side of this Pioneer AVH-501EX so you can connect audio sources to portable media players or game consoles.

The Pioneer AVH-501EX comes with an integrated audio decoder that supports the following formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, CD-R/RW. If you have a lot of FLAC files on your computer then this product is not for you.

This multimedia receiver also features Bluetooth capability which enables voice recognition and hands-free calling. All things considered, the Pioneer AVH-501EX is one of the best options out there if you are looking to purchase a high-quality multimedia receiver.

Sound Quality

The Pioneer AVH-501EX is a top-of-the-line multimedia receiver that offers the superior sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and a sleek 5-inch touchscreen display. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your car audio needs, the Pioneer AVH-501EX is a perfect choice.

The sound quality of this device is amazing. The built-in Bluetooth capability allows you to stream high-resolution songs from your mobile phone and enjoy crystal clear audio throughout your drive. The power output for this Pioneer AVH-501EX is as follows: 5W x 4 channels maximum (4Ω).

Unlike other devices on the market, there’s no need to buy any special cables or accessories to plug in other media players because the USB port will play almost anything so long as it’s compatible with Apple iOS 7+. The audio quality is great even without a mounting kit. The Pioneer AVH-501EX is also compatible with most car stereos which makes this device an excellent investment.

Additional Features

The Pioneer AVH-501EX comes with a number of additional features. One feature that we really like about this product is the MIXTRAX, which allows users to mix their favorite songs and create unique playlists. The built-in Bluetooth compatibility enables voice recognition so you can control your music by using simple voice commands.

The hands-free calling option works great so no more fumbling around trying to take out your phone during heavy traffic periods! You will also love the fact that there are two USB ports on either side of the multimedia receiver.

That’s right, not only can you play your media from one USB device but this Pioneer AVH-501EX can actually play music from two different devices! Simply plug in the USB cable to both sides and enjoy all of your content without having to switch between multiple connected devices.

In terms of safety, the Pioneer AVH-501EX comes with a rear-view camera input so you can have peace of mind when reversing out of tight spots. There is also an optional remote control that can be purchased separately.


The installation of the Pioneer AVH-501EX multimedia receiver takes a little more to complete than your average device because it’s been designed with the need for customization in mind. For those that have no experience, we recommend getting a professional installer to do all of this work.

In order to fully set up the Pioneer AVH-501EX, you will need. A prewired harness designed specifically for custom installations, an amplifier turn lead (red wire), vehicle-specific wiring harness, 12V power supply (cigarette lighter adapter), front speaker wires (left and right), rear speaker wires (left and right; optional), subwoofer wires (left and right), a universal back-up camera, USB cable.

You will also need to purchase a separate GPS antenna if you want to use the navigation feature on this multimedia receiver. The process is not that difficult and can be completed in under an hour. Overall, we are extremely impressed with the Pioneer AVH-501EX and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality multimedia receiver!

Pros and Cons – Pioneer AVH-501EX Review

  • Compact and easy to install; touchscreen has good visibility under direct sunlight.
  • Supports a wide range of formats including FLAC files.
  • The fast processor makes boot time a breeze; good audio quality without a mounting kit.
  • 5 inch WVGA touchscreen display.
  • Integrated audio decoder
  • Bluetooth capability with voice recognition.
  • A high-quality installation requires the purchase of additional accessories.
  • High-quality installation requires the purchase of additional accessories.
  • Produces a high-pitched whine when the device is turned on.

Design and Appearance

The Pioneer AVH-501EX has a sleek design with an intuitive layout that makes it easy to navigate through your media collection. The 7″ touchscreen display is bright and vibrant, which means you won’t have any problems seeing the device’s interface even in direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, there are a number of reports of a high-pitched whine when this product is turned on so we recommend checking around for similar experiences before purchasing this multimedia receiver.

The 5-inch WVGA touchscreen display is bright and vibrant, and the overall look of the device is modern and stylish. Overall, the Pioneer AVH-501EX is a great multimedia receiver that offers a ton of features and options. We highly recommend this product!

Bottom Line

The Pioneer AVH-501EX is an excellent multimedia receiver that offers a great set of features at a reasonable price. The sound quality is excellent, the design is sleek and modern, and the overall ease of use is outstanding.


Pioneer AVH 501EX Review

The Pioneer AVH-501EX is compatible with a number of external devices so you can expand your multimedia experience. There’s a microSD card slot on the side of the device as well as two USB ports on each side of the monitor, which means you can play music from a flash drive or connect an MP3 player directly to the unit.

The built-in Bluetooth compatibility allows you to make hands-free calls and gives drivers access to voice commands for easier navigation through song lists and playlists.

As soon as this powerful multimedia receiver is connected to your factory stereo system, it will immediately recognize any connected sources (iPod/iPhone, USB flash drive, etc). You can easily navigate through your playlists and lists by using the touchscreen interface. For even more options, you can install an app on your mobile device that will give you access to advanced settings (such as EQ).

This multimedia receiver is very easy to use. The intuitive layout of the controls makes it simple to navigate through your media collection. Bluetooth compatibility enables hands-free calling so you can stay focused on the road while making calls. The built-in audio decoder supports a variety of popular formats, making it easy to play your favorite songs.


Pioneer is one of the most reputable brands on the market today and their AVH-501EX multimedia receiver has done a fantastic job of continuing that trend. However, there are some other players in this market that have tried to imitate Pioneer’s success so it might be worth taking a look around before purchasing this device.

Pioneer AVH-4201NEX – A great alternative for those who can’t afford the Pioneer AVH-501EX.

Sony XAV-AX100 – Another decent option with a clunky interface but good video quality.

Kenwood DDX9905S – Great touchscreen interface but problematic Bluetooth connectivity.

Pioneer AVH-101EX – An older version of the Pioneer AVH-501EX that is still available online.

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX – The cheapest option out of all the alternatives because you have to provide your own touchscreen.

FAQs – Pioneer AVH-501EX Review

1. Can the Pioneer AVH-501EX read from a USB flash drive?

Ans- Pioneer AVH-501EX can read information from a USB flash drive. However, it cannot play music files directly from a flash drive because this device does not support mp3 and sampling rates of 48kHz or less.

2. How does the Pioneer AVH-501EX compare to other devices on the market?

Ans- The Pioneer AVH-501EX is one of the most popular multimedia receivers because it has a number of features that make your drive safer and more enjoyable. There are many brands out there but this product by Pioneer is one of the best options for someone looking for an affordable, full-featured device.

3. What car stereos work with my Pioneer AVH-501EX?

Ans- You will need a prewired or custom installation harness to connect your Pioneer AVH-501EX into your factory radio system. A list of compatible systems can be found online (make sure you double-check compatibility before making any purchases).

4. Can I play DRM files on my Pioneer AVH-501EX?

Ans- No, the Pioneer AVH-501EX cannot play DRM (digital rights management) files.


The Pioneer AVH-501EX is hands down one of the best multimedia receivers on the market today. It has a number of great features that are ideal for audiophiles who love its high-quality sound. The built-in Bluetooth compatibility also makes it easy to stream songs while driving so you don’t have to worry about missing out while driving under heavy traffic conditions. Overall, this product deserves an 8/10 rating.

The Pioneer AVH-501EX multimedia receiver is one of the best products on the market today. It has a ton of features that make your trip safer and more comfortable, but some people have experienced high-pitched noise when this product is turned on. There are also several reports of compatibility problems with certain car stereos without the proper installation kit.

All in all, the Pioneer AVH-501EX is a great multimedia receiver for anyone who wants a high-quality option without having to spend a small fortune. It’s clear that Pioneer has done their research and the result of this hard work is a stunning device with a sleek design and intuitive layout.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there are several other players on the market today who have attempted to imitate this device so make sure you do your research before making any purchases. We hope our Pioneer AVH-501EX review was able to help you make an informed decision.

Do you own the Pioneer AVH-501EX car stereo? Let us know what you think about this multimedia receiver in the comments below.

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