Pioneer AVH W4400NEX Review in 2023 – Expert Guide

If you are looking for a Pioneer AVH W4400NEX review so you are in the right place here we are providing the brief specifications and features of Pioneer AVH W4400NEX.

If you’re looking for a car stereo with Bluetooth and iPod compatibility the Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX may be for you.

Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX 7” Touchscreen Car Stereo with Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone Video Playback (CarPlay) – Recertified Pioneer Electronics is the leader in aftermarket car audio and they continue to lead with their latest product.

The AVH-W4400NEX has Apple CarPlay functionality which allows you to connect your iPhone via USB or Bluetooth for voice calls, music playback, maps, and text messages without having to touch your iPhone. It also has Android Auto which does the same for Android devices but you need to download the app on your phone and connect via a USB cable (not Bluetooth).

Both are pretty cool features to have, not only will it have your back with GPS but now it can give instructions even if your mobile coverage is out so you don’t miss that turn! The AVH-W4400NEX comes standard with a 7″ touchscreen display, DVD player, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling, and wireless music playback control from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-capable device.

You can also control many of the head unit’s functions from your iPhone or Android device by downloading the latest version of Pioneer’s AppRadio application onto your smartphone.

This recertified model is an open box, non-defective unit. It has been completely refurbished by a Pioneer-trained technician and given a fresh “new for old” warranty to guarantee that it works as well as a brand new product. The original packaging may have been opened but should otherwise be in good condition with no visible damage or signs of use/wear.

An excellent, well-built Stereo Received this stereo quickly and packaged very securely using two boxes including plenty of bubble wrap. I installed it myself in my wife’s truck which took me about 3 hours. The fit and finish are top-notch.

I like the design and layout of the interface and the overall feel of this head unit. It has a real quality look and feels to it that makes me not want to take it out even though we traded in my wife’s 2013 for 2017 with a comparably equipped stereo.

This one sounds better by far than her previous stereo as well as having all those extra options via Bluetooth or USB stick or over the air updates such as traffic updates, weather, etc. Honestly, if these units were $500+ I would still recommend them because they are so highly customizable you can make them work for your needs/tastes/budget/vehicle type, etc.

Image Product Feature Price
Pioneer AVH W4400NEX
Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX 7″ Touchscreen Car Stereo with Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone Video Playback (CarPlay) – Recertified Pioneer Electronics is the leader in aftermarket car audio and they continue to lead with their latest product. Check On Amazon

Pioneer AVH W4400NEX Review

Pioneer is always a go-to when it comes to car audio and this head unit doesn’t disappoint. This stereo has an amazing 7″ screen with great features and options. There are so many choices! We tried Pioneer’s app which was also pretty easy to use, we had no problems connecting or using their products together.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to make phone calls hands-free, listen to music through the speakers, and control other aspects of your phone through the touchscreen display. If you have an android device it’s even better because they have Android Auto built right in! All in all this stereo does everything you would want for endless amounts of entertainment while driving. It’s one of the best stereos out there that I’ve seen out on the market.

What’s Inside?

The original was opened during transit but has been completely recertified by an authorized retailer with ALL parts present and accounted for including all

  • Manuals
  • Paperwork
  • Warranty cards
  • Remote control
  • Wire harnesses

The only thing missing is the box itself which has been discarded after opening it to check for any damages on the actual unit (none whatsoever). We’re authorized resellers of this product and code our price that way. This stereo comes with a full manufacturer warranty, you can purchase it for peace of mind or use your warranty service voucher included in the package.

Product Details

  • Screen Size/Aspect Ratio 7″ Diagonal Display / 16:9
  • RMS Power Output MOSFET 50W x 4
  • Remote Control Yes, Wired (RC-406) Remote Included
  • Super tuner IIID Yes, Built-in HD Radio
  • DVD Player Yes, DVD/CD Playback
  • Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming Yes, Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Apple CarPlay Compatibility Yes, via USB cable Maximum Number of Preamp Outputs 2Preamp Outputs + Subwoofer out (2V) with Level Adjustment
  • Built-In Amplifier MOSFET 50W x 4 CH High Current L-MOSFET
  • Android Auto Compatibility Yes, via USB cable
  • Direct Control for iPod / iPhone Yes, via USB input or App Mode
  • AppRadio Mode Compatibility Yes, via HDMI connection and included HD cable
  • USB Port Front (1.5 Amp)
  • Built-In Equalizer 13-Band Graphic EQ with 7 Enhancement Modes plus Auto Time Alignment & Auto Sound Retriever
  • Onboard Navigation Ready Yes, Built-in Garmin Navigation ready
  • High-Voltage Input Yes, 6.4 V(Max) when using an additional battery source to power the unit’s built-in amp; 5 V(Max) w/DC Offset Battery System Required for Rear Seat Video Playback No, will require front seat video playback device this (or simply purchase a spare from us).

Design and Installation

The Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX has a 7″ touchscreen that is easy to navigate and use. The touchscreen itself has some weight to it but is not excessively heavy like previous stereos we’ve owned (all of which were also Pioneers). We were torn on what type of mounting solution we wanted for our application. We weighed the pros and cons between flush mount and no dash kit installation.

There are benefits to both options, this stereo came with a little wrench tool, wire terminals for power/ground/remote turn on as well as RCA video input and output jacks (if you want those) during installation.

That was pretty cool because those will be some things that you’ll need right away instead of having to go out shopping for them. We chose to install this without using the included dash kit since it wasn’t 100% necessary, 3M™ Surfboard™ Adhesive Dash Mounting Disk ~ 6″ Diameter (Pack of 1). We simply placed the stereo on top of the dash and used some 3M™ double-sided tape in a few spots before placing it where we wanted it.

The 7″ touchscreen has a nice deep bezel which helps protect against any damage if you were to accidentally slide something across or push down too hard when changing your input sources.

The screen is bright enough so that even when parked outside in direct sunlight I have no issues seeing what’s going on at all. As icing on the cake, there are very small recesses on the back of the screen that allows you to place your finger and push it forward to release it from its tucked position.

Performance and Sound Quality

Pioneer AVH W4400NEX Review

I’m not going to go too in-depth on this portion because we set everything up. but I’ll cover some general things we’ve noticed during our time with it so far. First off, let’s start with one thing that concerns a lot of people who browse pioneer head units; The head unit lacks full Bluetooth remote control when paired with an iPhone (or any smartphone really) for media playback. There is no dedicated app like all other Pioneer models before this had.

This made us very sad inside when we found this out. In the past, I’ve been able to simply open an app on my phone, hit a button, and play music from my smartphone straight to the stereo connected via Bluetooth with full control over track selection, volume, etc. This is not possible for this model despite what Pioneer’s website seems to suggest. So that was a bummer but two other things made up for it.

The first being there are some apps available in the play store through which you can remotely control your smartphone using your Pioneer head unit screen. There are several options available depending upon what type of device you have so I won’t go into too much detail here but if you look around online or ask one of our employees about them I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction. Something that makes up for this lack of Bluetooth remote control is the new Pioneer Smart Sync app available for both Android and iOS.

It’s an interface through which you can use your smartphone to play music on your stereo without ever physically touching it. You can search, browse, add items to the playlist, etc all from within the app itself. Through some internet searches, I also stumbled across this website which seems to provide another workaround although I have yet to try it.

The second thing that made up for this was sound quality. This stereo sounded good. I was surprised at how much the stock speakers were able to take advantage of the sound processing and EQ options (33-Band Graphic EQ, Time Alignment, Phase Control, Subwoofer Control, and Crossovers).

The result was a nice clean crisp sound which isn’t always present in other car audio applications I’ve used where there’s no way to adjust the built-in speaker configuration.

Pros & ConsPioneer AVH W4400NEX Review

  • Good sound quality for stock speakers.
  • Navigation is extremely easy to use.
  • Has a built in DVD player.
  • Nice deep bezel to protect the screen.
  • There are 2 USB ports, 1 on the front and 1 on the back.
  • Remote play control interface via the app (for Android) or Pioneer Smart Sync app (for iOS).
  • You can connect your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
  • No dedicated iPhone media playback remote control when connected via Bluetooth.
  • No full backup camera capabilities.
  • If you want to use a backup camera you have to purchase the optional one that Pioneer offers (the AVH-W4400NEX does not come with one).

FAQs – Pioneer AVH W4400NEX Review

Does this head unit work with a backup camera?

Yes, though not as good as the previous model which provided full camera controls. This one does not have a dedicated backup camera button and the only way to activate it is to go into the menu, select “Camera” and then manually do a scan of what’s behind you.

Does this head unit provide Bluetooth remote control for media playback when paired with an iPhone?

No, Pioneer has removed this feature from their new AVH-W4400NEX line.

Does this head unit support Android Auto in any way?

Unfortunately, no. However, Pioneer does sell a wireless CarPlay adapter which you can find out more information about here.


All in all, this head unit is a nice upgrade from the previous model. The lack of dedicated media playback remote control and proper backup camera controls did disappoint us but Pioneer does provide some workarounds which work well enough to make up for it.

Other than that, this stereo packs some nice features and sounds great. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an upgrade without spending too much money.

Thank you very much for reading the article – “Pioneer AVH W4400NEX Review”! Feel free to comment with your thoughts, suggestions, etc. Share your experience about using this head unit in the comment section below. Please like and share if you found this article helpful.  Happy buying!

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