Pioneer MVH 1400NEX Review in 2023

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Many people are looking for the best in-car audio system. The Pioneer MVH 1400NE has some features that make it stand out among other audio systems. It is the ideal solution for any person who wants to enjoy high-quality audio with all their favorite smartphone features.

This head unit has a capacitive touch screen, which makes it easy to use your phone without taking your eyes off the road. Its installation is very simple and you can easily do it on your own if you follow the instructions that come with the package.

It has many applications for Android devices, but users have already found ways to install more apps on this MVH 1400NEX thanks to its compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows you to use third-party applications like Spotify or Waze while driving.

Even though Pioneer offers countless customization options, the MVH 1400NEX comes with a custom sound calibration that already uses several technologies to create optimal performance. This device has three pre-sets, but you can easily fine-tune it for your taste or personalize any other setting to suit your needs.

The Pioneer MVH 1400NE is compatible with many smartphones so you will not need an adapter if you have an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto unit. You only need Bluetooth because it turns the phone into a remote control so you can access all features without having to take out your smartphone while driving.

You could acquire this head unit at around $300 which makes it affordable compared to other options on the market. With its convenient design and high compatibility, this unit is one of the best choices for many customers.

If you are looking for an Android Auto-compatible head unit that helps you to use the phone without taking your eyes off the road, then the Pioneer MVH 1400NE is one of the best options on the market now. It has a great design, it’s easy to install and it offers compatibility with many devices.

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Pioneer MVH 1400NEX
Many people are looking for the best in-car audio system. The Pioneer MVH 1400NE has some features that make it stand out among other audio systems. Check On Amazon

Pioneer MVH 1400NEX Review

Key Features

AppRadio 4 is a new generation of Pioneer In-vehicle entertainment systems. It provides an enhanced user interface and better expandability for smartphone integration options. Let’s have a look at the key features of this device.

Pioneer MVH1400NEX has 7 inches wide LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It comes with USB, A/V input, and Bluetooth connectivity support which makes this device compatible with many devices including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, etc. This device supports high-quality audio format FLAC file playback which is not available in most of the head unit present in the market now.

AppRadio 4 enables users to control their smartphone applications from an In-car infotainment system. This device comes with a pre-installed Pioneer ARC application which can easily connect your Android or iOS applications like Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, etc. With the help of these applications, you can not only listen to your favorite music but also use Navigation and other GPS tools through your smartphone.

Pioneer’s new MIXTRAX feature is available in many of their devices and Pioneer MVH1400NE is not an exemption. This technology places 4 club-style LED effects at 12 different points on the screen and they will create stunning visuals as you play your songs back on a USB drive or CD player. Users can customize the MIXTRAX look as per their choice using the color, speed, and illumination options provided by the company itself.


Specifications of MVH 1400NEX are listed below:

  • 1-DIN size and 7″ WVGA display with 800×480 pixels.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming.
  • RCA Video output to connect a rearview camera system.
  • Works with Pandora, Spotify, Aha Radio, iHeart Radio, and other popular music streaming applications as well as a USB drive.
  • 3 Pre-sets (Pioneer Bass Engine SQ, Dynamic Loudness Control, and Advanced Sound Retriever).
  • Pioneer ARC App to control compatible smartphone apps from an In-car infotainment system; works on iOS & Android devices. AppRadio mode for wireless mirroring of compatible phone apps plus MirrorLink for compatible Android and Windows smartphones.
  • USB port (3.5mm aux-in), A/V input, RGB input for connecting components like DVD player/ Game console, Auxiliary 3 RCA pre-outs, USB port (front: 1 Amp/rear: 1 Amp).
  • Pioneer Remote App to control your smartphone apps from an In-car infotainment system; works on iOS & Android devices.
  • Mixtrax features to create stunning visuals as you play your songs back with a USB drive or CD player.
  • Equalizer / Customizable EQ / Advanced Sound Retriever DSP technology.
  • Easy installation in most of the cars using an “Illumination” wire that provides power and control from the car’s steering wheel.
Pioneer MVH 1400NEX Review

Design and Appearance

Pioneer MVH 1400NEX is a new generation of In-vehicle multimedia system that comes with an integrated 7 inches wide LCD screen and CD/DVD player. It looks like a complete entertainment device when fitted in the car.

The design of this device is such that it can be easily fitted in most cars using simple installation procedures (check the installation guide below). The unit feels very lightweight, so there must be some compromise on quality and construction.

Display: A bright 7″ WVGA display is provided in this unit with 800 x 480 pixels resolution and it’s quite impressive to look at. Touch response is pretty good but still not on par with higher-end devices that offer high responsiveness. By default, the Auto-Dimming feature is turned ON in this device, so the screen becomes dimmer as you turn off the lights. Users can change this setting manually to avoid dimming of displays when they are watching videos or DVDs at night.

As this unit comes with a DVD player, most people think that it has an integrated CD Player but actually, there is no provision for that anywhere inside or outside. Most of the users feel that this is an inconvenience especially if they have burned CDs for their favorite music tracks.

The good thing about this system is that it can play almost all types of files including MP3, AAC+, WMA, MPEG4, and WMV9 formats. Though it does not come with touch screen support still its 7″ LCD is quite responsive to touch.

Audio Quality

Pioneer MVH 1400NEX has an extraordinary audio quality for an In-vehicle multimedia system, thanks to its built-in amplifier that supports 4 channels of output at 45 watts each with pre-outs for external amplifiers too. Equalizer offers users different setting options for front and rear speakers that produce a rich sound experience.

You can also see the bass & treble adjustments plus 3 pre-set equalizers (Pioneer Bass Engine SQ, Dynamic Loudness Control, and Advanced Sound Retriever). The advanced sound retriever technology restores high frequencies lost in compressed music files like MP3, thus improving the sound quality. There is also a subwoofer volume control slider available to adjust the sound of the subwoofer.

There is also an option for creating a custom EQ with a 9-band graphic equalizer, featuring adjustable high & low pass filters on each band. This enables users to control the amount of bass and treble on their speakers. This feature can prove helpful if you have connected this system with factory-fitted speakers as sometimes they don’t match well with our tastes and preferences.

The quite surprising thing here is that this unit comes with MIXTRAX technology that creates smooth transitions between songs by adding some effects like echo, brake, etc while playing music files using a USB or CD drive. Another interesting feature of this device is its Auto EQ (equalization) function automatically adjusts audio settings based on your car’s acoustics.

Pros and Cons – Pioneer MVH 1400NEX Review

  • Extremely bright LED lights.
  • Customizable EQ settings.
  • Fast and easy to set up.
  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Compatible with many devices, especially for iOS users.
  • Wireless connectivity option through Bluetooth or APP control.
  • Auto EQ function automatically adjusts audio settings based on your car’s acoustics.
  • MIXTRAX technology creates smooth transitions between songs.
  • Does not come with a CD player.
  • No support for HD Radio.
  • Lack of a built-in CD player might be an inconvenience for some users.

FAQs – Pioneer MVH 1400NEX Review

1. Is Pioneer MVH 1400NEX compatible with steering controls?

Ans: Yes, it has built-in steering wheel control support. If you plan to upgrade the head unit of your car, make sure that Pioneer MVH 1400 NEX is compatible with your vehicle’s factory-installed entertainment system because compatibility issues are always there in such cases.

2. Which remote control comes along with this device?

Ans: The device itself acts as a remote control because it contains all necessary buttons like the power button, source selection button, menu navigation buttons, etc. There are no separate remotes provided by the manufacturer for this unit because it does not require any extra functions other than controlling AM/FM radio channels and CD players (if connected).  But sometimes the remote control is necessary in case of Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Does this unit display Rearview camera video with parking lines?

Ans: Yes, it does have a provision for displaying rearview camera video along with parking line-markings. But to make it work you need a separate RCA type connection between the head unit and rearview camera device.

4. How do I set this up?

Ans: You can connect your car’s reverse gear wire to the “reverse input” on the back of the screen and then tighten its nut properly from inside the dashboard panel to prevent any shorts. This will let you see both images at once on your In-Dash DVD Player.


So, if you are looking to spend around $200 on an In-vehicle Multimedia system that can play almost all types of music files along with video then Pioneer MVH 1400NEX is the unit you should defend because it has many features like MIXTRAX technology, Auto EQ (equalization) function automatically adjusts audio settings based on your car’s acoustics. The sound quality is rich and deep for this price range. For more details, read Pioneer MVH 1400NEX full review.

It is a well-established fact that if you want to experience great music then nothing like it. However, in this fast-moving world, not everyone has time or patience to listen through their bulky cd players or traditional radios. To help people in such situations there are many auxiliary devices available for all types of cars these days which can provide them with the most.

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